Scenery and Countryside

mill pond

Sudbury resides in a loop in the River Stour. The Stour is the river of Constable and one can see Constable's scenery everywhere. To the south, the land rises to Essex in a landscape immortalised by Gainsborough. The meadows around Sudbury are the oldest continuously grazed land in England. They are crossed by many footpaths and are excellent for walking.

You can access King's Meadow from the long stay car park next to the Kingfisher. As well as the meadow, this point also marks the start of the Valley walk. The Valley walk follows the route of the old Sudbury to Cambridge railway line. It is well maintained and signed and provides easy walking for around three miles, ending at the Rodbridge picnic site and country park. For a short circular walk, you can follow the Valley Walk for about a mile, cross over the main A131 to Braintree and descend to the meadows. Follow these to the Mill Hotel or the Croft and walk back into town.

The Croft is a local beauty spot, just off the one way system, past the fire station and St Gregory's church. It can also be reached from North Street. Turn left at Argos, pass the short stay car park and turn right by the entrance of the Waggon and Horses. The Croft is across the main road. The Croft has extensive lawns sloping down to the River, with a picnic site and boating pool opposite. Children love feeding the ducks and swans at the Croft. From the Croft, footpaths stretch in three directions over the meadows.