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Lunches: Pubs

20 The Angel PH
43 Friars Street
Tel. 379038
Theme: Pub food
Separate eating area
Main courses 6 - 12

20 The Anchor PH
2 Friars Street
Tel. 372680
Theme: Pub food
Sunday Roasts

1 Black Boy PH
7 Market Hill
Tel. 379046
Theme: Pub food
Separate eating area

7 North Street Tavern
66 North Street
Tel. 882269
Theme: Pub food

14 The Pied Cow PH
12 King Street
Tel. 372207
Theme: Sunday only breakfasts

25 Waggon & Horses
Church Walk/Acton Sq.
Tel. 312147
Theme: Pub food
Separate eating area

9 White Horse Hotel
97 North Street
Tel. 371063
Theme: Pub food

Other Public Houses

11 Black Horse East St.
14 Royal Oak King St.
25 The Prince of Wales New St.

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