Chamber News

Chamber of Commerce Discussing Sudbury After Delphi

The Sudbury Chamber of Commerce has started a process to deal with the closure of the Delphi plant and minimise the effect on Sudbury. Officers met last week to discuss strategies to manage the changes that will be needed. A plan of action. Sudbury without Delphi. Chamber President John McMillan said "Now that we know what is happening, we can start to plan the future." The Chamber is aware that companies do want to move to Sudbury, but there is no space for new industrial buildings. The Delphi site is huge and can free up space for several other companies. The Chamber is in contact with Babergh District Council, who are also planning ways to handle the Delphi closure. Mr McMillan said "Several bodies are working on the issue. Babergh Council is, as is the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. James Cartlidge has involved the Minister for business. The end of Delphi does not have to be a disaster. The important thing is to replace the lost jobs as soon as possible.

Business Lunches

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Bridge Project. The cost is low, there is always a speaker on a topic of some interest and it is a great way to network and meet other people in business. Click here for the programme.

Broadband Speeds

There have been concerns about broadband speeds in Acton and other areas around Sudbury. The Chamber is having discussions with BT and the planning authorities. In doing so, we are looking into some issues that may be delaying the roll out of fibre connections.

Web Site Improvements

Members can now add a logo or photograph to their entry on the Chamber web site. The cost is £10 and £15 a year respectively.

The Web Site

The web site goes from strength to strength, with up to 4000 visitors a month. We now allow members to advertise on the site. Contact Michael Heyland for details.

Parking Charges Fought Off

The Chamber has spent the last 18 months in a group with Sudbury and Hadleigh town councils fighting off short stay parking charges. We have now reached a full agreement with Babergh District Council. Charges will not now be brought in for the forseeable future. Babergh recognise and value the work the group has done. They will continue to work with the group to promote the vitality of our market towns.