Lunchtime Meetings and Briefings

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Bridge Project (through the Courtyard Cafe), Gainsborough Street. The cost is low, there is always a speaker on a topic of some interest and it is a great way to network and meet other businessmen.


13th June 2018

Jane Storey: Conservative Cabinet Member for Thedwastre North

Jane is the Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Rural Issues

9th May 2018

Ted Clarkson: President of Sudbury Cricket Club

Opportunities for local businesses to engage with Sudbury Cricket Club

11th April 2018

Andy Howes: Vice Chair of Sudbury in Bloom

How Sudbury in Bloom will be Good for Business

14th March 2018

Gordon Birchall: Commercial Surveyor

Their aim is to bring business and investment in to the Sudbury area.

Bookings for all the above can be made with Michael Heyland on 01787 227722 or on